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Liquid Gold Honey Hives

Our Hives (of which there are somewhere between 25 and 50) are located in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Some of the hives are within Madison city limits. Some of the hives are located at what we lovingly call "lazy farmers." So there is plenty of wildflower and hay that flowers and no pesticides. Nearly half of the hives are located on property owned by the Wisconsin Audubon society, with beautiful prairie and wildflowers for our bees.

We believe in happy bees, and leave them alone as much as possible to live their lives as nature intended. No chemicals are used in the hives. We believe in sustainable beekeeping and use sustainable techniques.

Lately we have been breeding our own queens from stock that are resistant to varroa mites and are hearty enough to survive a Wisconsin winter.

We have been keeping bees for close to 20 years now. And enjoy it just as much!